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Interpersonal Process Group

This group is for individuals who want to improve their self-understanding and relationships with others. The primary focus of this group is to engage in the "process," or here-and-now experience of relationships in the moment as a means of creating change. Group members will become more familiar with their patterns of relating to others and develop skills to improve the quality of their relationships. Currently this group is open to all genders. Three pre-group orientation and intake meetings are required to join and members are encouraged to commit to at least one year. Group runs from 8-9:30am on Wednesdays at our Eagle Rock office and is co-facilitated with a post-doctoral trainee. Please contact Dr. Allyn Rodriguez at 504-408-1762 for more information and to discuss whether group is good fit for your needs.


Trauma-Recovery Group

We offer a group that focuses on post-trauma recovery that is oriented around sustainable wellness. This group helps individuals learn body-based and cognitive-behavioral skills that support increased emotional regulation and distress tolerance for those healing from the aftermath of a traumatic experience. Please contact Dr. Talia Banyan at 504-383-3626 if you are interested in participating. 

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