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Together, we will construct a comprehensive treatment plan to help you meet your goals.

We offer the following services for your benefit.


Many couples find it helpful to seek professional support during transitional periods. This may be when first moving in together, during engagement and wedding planning, pregnancy, the birth of a child, the loss of a family member, among others. Our clinicians have significant experience helping to rebuild safety, trust, and empathy between partners, as well as improve communication and strengthen healthy boundaries. 

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Families often experience challenges when a child or adolescent begins to show signs of difficulty in school, social withdrawal, or unsettling self-harm behaviors, such as cutting, disordered eating, or substance abuse. Helping parents and families in crisis to understand and learn how to best support their children in need is one of our unique focuses of treatment. 

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Whether you need some extra support during a particularly stressful few months or want to do transformative, insight-oriented work with someone over several years, our trained professionals are here to help.


We offer several different groups for different issues including parenting, addiction, relationships, and emotional regulation. Please see the Groups page to read more.

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Our psychiatry team receives on-site training in trauma-informed practices to best serve populations with histories of trauma and high-risk populations.  




Our treatment team offers trauma-informed training, consultation, and workshops. We specialize in treating high-risk populations and offer experiential workshops and seminars on managing risk in private practice. We also offer informal training in DBT and group consultation. 

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