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Sadie Mohler, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
PSY 34991

Training, Experience, and Approach

Dr. Sadie Mohler received her B.A. from Occidental College in Critical Theory and Social Justice and earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University, which specializes in a human science, philosophical, and depth-oriented approach to understanding suffering and healing. Dr. Mohler completed her predoctoral internship and postdoctoral residency at the West Los Angeles VA where she worked in the Integrative Health and Healing Clinic and received training in mindfulness-based interventions and integrative health. Additionally, she has trained within community-based clinics, hospital settings, and university counseling centers.


Dr. Mohler’s statement on her clinical work:

“Everyone has the innate capacity to adapt, heal, and grow. As a psychologist, my aim is not to ‘fix,’ but rather to help cultivate the conditions for you to connect to this intrinsic capacity. Often, we are disconnected from this reality because of our experiences in our environment — from childhood, past relationships, socio-political systems, cultural expectations, etc. In my experience, the therapeutic relationship can be a powerful tool to increase insight about how our previous experiences shape the way we move through the world. In addition to seeing therapy as a space to increase insight, it is also a space to strengthen our capacity to turn toward our struggles with curiosity and compassion. I believe that as we recognize, understand, and tend to our difficulties and wounds, healing and transformation can occur. In addition to working with what is challenging, I also believe therapy is a space to explore what brings you joy, delight, and meaning. Both are equally important ingredients for living a full life.”


As a clinician, Dr. Mohler draws from her undergraduate and graduate training in the humanities and her clinical training in various evidence-based treatments. The foundation of Dr. Mohler’s approach is relationally psychodynamic and integrative — in addition to using the therapeutic relationship as a tool, she also weaves in other perspectives, such as mindfulness and self-compassion interventions, somatic interventions, parts work, and ACT to create a therapy that fits each person best. Additionally, Dr. Mohler is trained in short-term, exposure-based trauma treatment (Prolonged Exposure and Written Exposure Therapy). Dr. Mohler has worked with people of various racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, socio-economic, and religious identities and has a strong commitment to bringing cultural humility to her work. Within therapy, she believes it is critical to acknowledge the impact that systems of power and oppression have on the well-being of people and communities. Dr. Mohler specializes in working with adults and couples with concerns related to complex trauma, PTSD, chronic anxiety and/or depression, grief, life transitions, chronic health challenges, relationship stress, family of origin trauma or estrangement, and themes related to sexual and gender identity. Also Dr. Mohler is a climate-aware therapist and member of the Climate Psychology Alliance North America, an organization that focuses on the psychological impacts of the climate crisis.


(424) 341-4946

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